Wrigley is freshening up counter tops next year by releasing more than 5,000 LED display units that could boost mints and gum sales by 16%.

The gum manufacturer collected data from more than 87,000 transactions and 3,200 units following a trial and found that the LED unit was the most effective. On average, trial stores benefited from a 16% rise in sales. Despite being worth more than double its predecessor, the unit is available to retailers free of charge.

Oli Morton, Wrigley UK sales director, said that as gum is a highly-impulsive category, visibility at the till point is key. “The LED units encourage visual attraction, driving customer browsing and conversion at the till point and helping retailers to increase conversion rates and maximise profits,” he added.

Wrigley also said that because of low cost of running LEDs, the cost to retailers is made back after selling around five packs of gum per month.