Description Size Facings Change
Thorntons Premium Collect 227g 2
Cadbury’s Dairy Milk 230g 2
Cadbury’s Bournville 200g 2 1
Cadbury’s Fruit & Nut 230g 2 1
Mars Duo TWIN 1 11
Rowntree Fruit Pastilles Bag 205g 2
Trebor Extra Strong Mints ROLL 2 4
Mars Bar Standard 58g 3 -5
Haribo Tangfastics 160g 2 11
Wrigley Extra Peppermint PKT 2 -3
Rowntree Fruit Pastilles Roll 52.5g 2 -2
Snickers Duo 94.4g 2 2
Lindt Excell Extra Creamy 100g 2
Lindor Milk Cornet 200g 2 -2
Maltesers Pouch Pack 135g 2 NEW
Cadbuy’s Twirl BAR 1 NEW
Mars Celebrations 275g 2 NEW
Cadbury’s Wispa SGL 1 NEW
Kit Kat Chunky £1 4 pack 2
Trebor Softmints ROLL 2 NEW

Top 20 lines by profit

During April we made some changes to our store layout that included increasing the space given to confectionery and adding new lines to our range. So at the start of August I felt that it was time to investigate how well this change was performing. As with all changes some of the new lines were performing well and others had turned in to semi permanent residents.

Using the EPoS sales data that we have I was able to identify that some lines were not being given the space that their sales deserved. I set about removing the slowest sellers from our range to allow more facings for the best sellers strictly on their profit performance.

Two months on our top 20 lines have changed, as shown in the table.

As a reflection of our customer profile not one standard size line is in our top 6 lines and 14 out of the top 20 are chocolate products. There are plenty of other interesting facts about our confectionery sales that this study throws up and I will touch on them in the future, but for now I can confirm that some products benefit from more space. Particularly those that match our customer profile like the large size chocolate bars, but the standard size Mars and KitKat 4 finger that have both had 3 facings for the past 2 months have not benefited with both dropping down my chart.

Time for another round of display changes.