old, shop, traditional, ctn, convenience, news, tobaccoOne of the big challenges for the CTN channel is that the average size of the traditional corner shop is not big enough to make the change to a full convenience store offer. With the shrinking markets for the ‘T’ and the ‘N’ legs of the traditional offer the question for sometime has been “What should I do?” Here are some thoughts on what you could become:

  1. The Magazine specialist: being the catchment area destination store by joining the 100 metre club, actively marketing shop save services, special interest titles and partworks.
  2. The Confectionery specialist: being the catchment area destination store by stocking more than anyone else. Weigh-out jar range, yesterday’s favourites and high end chocolates.
  3. The meal/lunch/tradesmen feeding centre: by being the catchment area destination store for on-the-go food solutions, sandwiches and beyond.

It’s about knowing your current and potential customers, offering to meet their needs differently and delivering it better than your competitors. Most significantly becoming a specialist is about what interests you, what you are prepared to do to gain the necessary knowledge to deliver the changes to your business and whether your premises be fit for purpose.

Are you providing a specialist service already? Have your say!