The Scottish government has launched a consultation on restricting the in-store marketing and promotions of foods high in fat, sugar or salt, with little or no nutritional benefit. 

ACS chief executive, James Lowman has warned this will threaten retailer's ability to compete and communicate. "The proposals to restrict promotions in convenience stores and other businesses are a blunt instrument to tackle a complex issue and will undermine retailers' ability to compete and communicate value to customers."

The restrictions would cover confectionery, sweet biscuits, crisps, savoury snacks, cakes, pastries, puddings, and soft drinks with added sugar.

The proposed restrictions would apply to targeted foods and would include, among other things, multi-buys, display ay checkouts, purchase rewards such as vouchers and loyalty card points, unlimited refills and upselling of increased sizes or extra products and other marketing activities where they are being sold. 

However, Lowman added: "We welcome that the consultation acknowledges that restricting the sitting of products cannot work in small retail outlets where there is limited space to move products without significant disruption."

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