With Christmas less than 16 weeks away, Nestlé Confectionery has unveiled its festive range to help convenience stores drive seasonal sales.

Quality Street is launching a new impulse bar, Honeycomb Crunch, RRP 65p. The new bar will replace the Green and Orange bars from last year’s range.

Twist-wrap chocolates accounting for 30% of all seasonal confectionery sales, so Quality Street is undergoing a packaging revamp and will be on TV for the first time since 2007. The cartons will also contain a honeycomb crunch sweet, which is the first time the brand has introduced a new sweet to the selection in nine years.

Quality Street Purely Purple Ones and the Giant Strawberry variety, RRP £6 have also undergone a packaging revamp.

The company is urging retailers to stock up on Quality Street tubs, RRP £7.74, early in the season to capitalise on Halloween and Bonfire Night get-togethers.

Nestlé is also bringing back seasonal impulse lines Smarties Little Choc Penguin and Milkybar Polar Bear, RRP 65p.

Nestlé Dairy Box, which comes in 180g, 360g and 720g, will also contain a new chocolate, Crispy Chocolate Ripple.