Nestlé Confectionery is planning to ride away with more sales by adding a new product to its sharing bag portfolio.

Randoms Tandems is the latest brand extension from Rowntree’s Randoms. The fruit-flavoured jelly and foamy sweets are available now, RRP £1.29. The launch is being backed by a digital media campaign through Facebook, which is expected to reach more than seven million 25-44 year olds.

Random Tandems joins Randoms Squidgy Speak, Rip ‘Ems and Sweet n Sour, which all launched in 2013.

“Sugar confectionery sharing bags continue to grow in popularity in the Wholesale & Convenience channel, up 5.5% in the past year,” said James Maxton, Nestlé senior corporate communications manager. “With new products critical to driving such growth, retailers can trust that the launch of Randoms Tandems will attract shoppers.”