The new Easter range from Nestlé Confectionery includes a technology twist on its Smarties and Milkybar brands.

The two brands are launching 3D Activity Packs, RRP £4, which contain chocolates and colouring pencils to colour in a picture of either the Milkybar Kid or the Easter Bunny, which animates when shoppers download a free app.

Nestlé is also launching Milkybar Egg Hunt pack, Milkybar Chick in Egg and Smarties and Milkybar Bunnies five-packs, RRP £3.99, £2.55 and £1.99, respectively.

The company is extending its Easter egg range with Quality Street Honeycomb Crunch Egg, RRP £3.

Lion Collection Giant Eggs, RRP £7.49, return this year, including a large milk chocolate egg and three Lion bars.

Smarties Hen House and Milkybar Milkybarn packs, which grew 8% this year, will return to the range, RRP £4.99.

Also back for this year are Nestlé’s ‘Insider Eggs’, which have sweets inside a chocolate shell. They come in four flavours: Munchies, Rowntree’s Randoms, After Eight Waves and Quality Street, RRP £5.41.