Offering a wide range of chocolate and confectionery this Christmas that appeals to adults as well as children and teenagers can help attract incremental sales, Mondelez has advised.

After unveiling its seasonal Christmas range last week, which comprises nine new products ranging from classic chocolate sets to confectionery jars, the supplier introduced a Green & Black’s advent calendar for the first time to boost Christmas gift sales among adults.

The launch follows research by the supplier that revealed 40% of growth in the confectionery category during the Christmas period came from customers aged 60 and above, who wanted more traditional chocolates.

Charlotte Parkes, junior brand manager for Cadbury Christmas & Halloween at Mondelez, said: “In December, by stocking selection boxes and Christmas-themed gifts, it makes it clear your store is a destination.”

Meten Lakhani, of St Mary’s Supermarket in Southampton, said: “Sales of advent calendars among adults have picked up in the past two years, and I predict Green & Black’s will sell really well.”

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