Mars Wrigley UK is back with its Sweetstake competition, which is partnering with National Emergencies Trust (NET) for its coronavirus appeal.

The promotion will give away top prizes of £20,000 and run across Mars, Revels, M&M’s, Galaxy Minstrels, Maltesers, Twix, Galaxy Ripple, Snickers, Starburst, Skittles and Extra brands.

Skittles Giants launched by Mars Wrigley

Promotional codes can be found inside packs, which consumers can register at for their chance to win, from today until 11 January 2021.

Rather than the prize outcome being dependent on scenarios associated with live football matches, as was the case in previous promotions, consumers will now be given two virtual football scenarios and an associated prize that can be won if the outcome of the virtual game matches the scenario given.

The prize pool consists of £20,000, £1,000, £500, £20 and £5 cash prizes, plus free pack vouchers that can be claimed when making an essential shopping trip. 

Mars Wrigley UK will make a donation that matches the value of every prize claimed to NET in order to reach the target donation of £500,000.

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If the total matched value does not reach the target donation, Mars Wrigley UK will make up the shortfall.

Emily Owen, reward brand manager at Mars Wrigley UK, said: “Sweetstake is an exciting promotion that we know consumers and retailers love. However, when we originally came up with the idea for Sweetstake 2020, we had different plans.

“As a result of the coronavirus outbreak, we made a number of changes to the promotion but still with the aim to give shoppers and retailers a fun and exciting promotion to engage with. 

IAA Stars 2019: Merchandising – in association with Mars Wrigley

“By partnering with NET, the Sweetstake 2020 promotion will not only support retailers during this difficult time and excite consumers, but will also fund organisations providing vital support to people affected by the coronavirus outbreak.”

The promotion will further be supported by in-store activation through PoS and overlays, alongside social media support.



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