Mackie’s of Scotland

Mackie’s of Scotland is re-launching its chocolate range with new look packaging to build on the brand’s success last year, recording more than 700,000 chocolate bar sales.

The revamped design follows consumer research and focuses on the company’s key attributes of the dairy farm heritage and the simple, natural dairy ingredients in its ice cream, while retaining key elements of the original brand.

Spanning across the brand’s full range, including Dark, Mint and a milk bar called Traditional, Honeycomb and a ‘zingy’ Orange, the new design features a countryside illustration inspired by the manufacturers view of its home-farm.  

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Stuart Common, sales director at Mackie’s of Scotland, said: “We have seen record sales over the past year, and we now aim to build on this success with a fresh new design.

“The packaging also includes the fresh new brand logo introduced on our ice cream range earlier this year. During recent times, buying local Scottish products has become increasingly important for consumers, which we hope will help us win over even more Scottish chocolate fans. The new bars will hitting store shelves in the coming weeks.”  

The supplier is also increasing availability in independents to drive sales further.