Haribo has added two new products to its vegetarian-friendly range: Haribo Sour Sparks and Haribo Starbeams.

Haribo Sour Sparks come in three flavour combinations: cola and lemon, apple and cherry, and raspberry and pineapple.

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Haribo Starbeams are a mix of soft jelly and foam sweets (the first to join Haribo’s vegetarian range) in three flavours: cherry, apple, and lemon. Each flavour is available in a colourful shape, which Haribo says represents positivity.

Both new products are available to wholesale and convenience now, in non-price marked and and £1 160g price-marked bags.

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Claire James, trade marketing manager for Haribo, said: “With two bright and vibrant packs to add to shelves, each with its own unique selling point, we know that these products will cause a stir.

“Each features an on-pack flash to reinforce that these treats are suitable for vegetarians, making it even easier for consumers to make a choice about the products they would prefer.”