Almost four years after Hancocks was sold to its current owners, the next generation of the family has opened a new online delivered confectionery wholesaler.

HS Wholesale Sweets is run by David and Michael Hancock, who both worked in the family business.

It will offer jelly sweets, boiled sweets, lollipops and retro sweets to customers across the UK.

“Because we’re smaller we can offer a more personable service and react quicker to pricing changes. Customers will speak directly to us and get our knowledge,” David told Retail Express.

The company currently offers 119 lines, but will add 70 more in the coming months.

“There’s another 300 I could easily add, but we’re choosing really core lines. We only want to sell the best of the best,” he added.

In the future retailers will be able to approach HS Wholesale for help with bespoke displays for their stores.

“At Easter it’s very hard for retailers to compete against the supermarkets, but you can always do something different, like create your own basket with eggs, sweets and toys in it. Further down the line we’d like to help create bespoke solutions for our customers,” he said.