In this week’s RN, we’ve set you a coffee break quiz to help you get bang up to date with all the latest activity in the mints and gums market. Read on to find out how well you did, and to discover which launches and marketing campaigns could help boost your sales this summer.

Codeword 1

While mints and gums have long been hailed as impulse on-the-go lines, manufacturers have cottoned on to the fact that sharing packs offer additional sales opportunities. Wrigley, Perfetti Van Melle and Ferrero have been encouraging independent retailers to stock up on these lines, and recommend you to stock the following products:

488962_1_ID Shot_600_600Wrigley’s Extra 46 Pellet Bottle – Wrigley has backed its bottle packs with advertising in the past year, and has also added an Extra White Bubblemint line in this format.

Mentos Resealable Pocket Pouch – this line was created in response to consumer research and complaints that gum could go stale or fall out of pockets in stick packs.

Tic Tac 48g 100-packs – created with travel in mind, this format is available in six flavours, including new Apple Burst

Mentos Michelin Bottles – sales of Mentos ‘Michelin’ bottles have increased by 82.5% year on year in forecourts. Creator Perfetti van Melle believes this is a format which still has further sales potential.  


Codeword 2

Several manufacturers have invested in new flavours or marketing campaigns this year. They advise that the following could add to your sales:

TIC TAC_APPLE_T100_ROUGHA)   Wrigley’s Extra Ice Citrus – the latest addition from the nation’s leading gum brand, which launched in February. Support for the new line includes a mix of outdoor, in-store, digital and TV activity.

B)   National Smile Month – Wrigley’s Extra is sponsoring this event, which runs from 19 May to 19 June. As a mouth freshening product with oral care benefits, the partnership is a natural link-up for the brand.

C)   5 Pulse – this tropical variant joined the 5 brand in March. TV ads, along with digital and in-store activity, formed a £4m investment to back it.

D)   Tic Tac Spearmint Twist – available from the end of June, this line replaces the existing Spearmint flavour and will aim to attract a new generation of Tic Tac eaters.  



Perfetti van Melle is set to launch the following lines into its Mentos brand, plus a major advertising campaign to back the range. Why not give them a try in your store? Mentos_Spearmint_SingleRoll_NEW



A)      Mentos Mint Crumbles Bags

B)      Mentos Mint Chews Bag

C)      Mentos Spearmint Roll  


Odd one out

Tom Jarratt, Wrigley customer marketing director, says: “Gum is one of the most impulsive categories and should be positioned prominently at the till, in the shopper’s line of vision while cash is being exchanged, to maximise sales. If the category is out of sight, or, most importantly, out of reach, sales will be affected. To satisfy choice and maximise impulse sales, stocking a full range is essential.” To help you achieve the best sales, Mr Jarratt has further tips – but which of these is the advice he actually gave?

A)    Offer a recycling service for gum that has lost its flavour

B)    Multi-site gum – next to another till or oral care products

C)    Offer lessons on intimidating chewing from former Manchester United coach Alex Ferguson

D)     Stock special gum that is designed to foil breathalyser tests

The answer, of course, is B. Mr Jarratt says, “Every retailer should constantly review their merchandising principles to make sure they’re one step ahead of the competition. Multiple gum sitings, for example next to a second till, confectionery aisle or dental section can drive additional impulse purchases and ultimately maximise sales.”