Perfetti Van Melle (PVM) has unveiled two new additions to its Fruittella range: Fruit Duo and Fruit Coin jellies, available now with an RRP of £1.39.

Both varieties are made with real fruit juice and are sugar free, gluten free and dairy free and aim to help retailers target shoppers with diverse dietary needs, also highlighted on pack to drive stand-out on shelf.

Fruittella Fruit Duos come in strawberry-apple, strawberry-orange and strawberry-lemon flavours, while the Fruit Coins flavours are strawberry, raspberry and blackberry.

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Kate Howe, Fruittella product manager at PVM, said: “We’ve found there is a challenge associated with confectionery in the better for you category and that’s why we continually invest in broadening our range in this area. Too many times brands expect shoppers to compromise on quality and taste as they make conscious sweet treat choices, which means they can often overlook confectionery as a result, and we want to change that.

“The vegan market is expected to soar to £1.1bn by 2023 and the number of diabetics has more than doubled in the past 20 years to 5 million people. We know the appetite for alternatives is not going anywhere and that’s the demand these products respond to. All Fruittella products come with a guarantee of a fruity flavour and classic texture shoppers rightly expect, and our new Duos and Coins are sure to be a real hit.”