Wrigley is launching two new PMPs in its Extra range.

The brand is launching its Peppermint and Spearmint 46-pellet bottle in £2 PMPs, available in cases of six.

The price is printed on the side of the bottle, as well as on the lid to cater for retailers merchandising them in different ways.

The manufacturer has created new PoS, which retailers can use to drive sales, and the brand is also promoting its Extra White Bottle on TV during April.

Julio Guijarro, marketing director for Wrigley, said the £2 price is a key sales driver for the convenience channel as it provides consumers with the assurance that their purchase is good value.

“The PMP bottle has been launched with the retailer in mind, helping them to cash in on the impulsive category and meet demand for the growing trend towards offering consumers products at a fixed price point,” he added.