Ferrero has launched new products across its Kinder, Thorntons and Raffaello brands to help independent convenience retailers make more money this Christmas.

The company’s 2019 range contains new advent calendars and gift products, as well as its first launch in seasonal impulse, Thorntons Cheeky Elf. The character launched as a chocolate figurine last year, which became the second biggest new product in the novelties segment.

The launches come off the back of several successes in Christmas 2018, where confectionery spend was up 4% on the year before.

Kinder’s seasonal chocolate continued its steady growth, from £2.6m in 2013 to £12.3m in 2018. Kinder’s seasonal range grew by £1.8m last year, spearheaded by Kinder Surprise 100g and Kinder Joy, which grew by 126% and 5.2% respectively. 

Ferrero’s top performers last year also includes Thorntons Continental, which grew by 14.2%.

What’s new?

Thorntons Cheeky Elf

Pack Size: 29g

RRP £75p

Leading the range for independent convenience retailers, Thorntons Cheeky Elf character is now available in a single impulse format, following its 200g figure launch last year. Taking on products such as Maltesers Reindeer and Cadbury Snowman, Cheeky Elf will have a slightly higher RRP (75p compared to Cadbury’s 65p). it will also come in four different mould designs. The single impulse market is growing at 10% year on year

Kinder Mix Reindeer Headband

Pack size: 167g

RRP: £7

This gift pack contains a mix of Kinder Mini Bueno, Kinder Mini Chocolate and Kinder Milk Chocolate, as well as a reindeer headband toy.

Thorntons The Snowy Bear

Pack size: 200g

RRP: £5.38

Joining Thortons range of figurines, which includes Cheeky Elf and Reindeer characters, The Snowy Bear marks the range’s first white chocolate product.

Thorntons Continental Winter Markets Box

Pack size: 273g

RRP: £9.68

As the most expensive boxed chocolate product from Thorntons, Winter Markets contains six flavours from Christmas markets around Europe, such as Italian Panforte, Dutch Speculoos and Clementine Caramel.

Raffaello T10

Pack size: 100g

RRP: £4.25

Raffaello is launching its smallest ever pack, which contains 10 sweets and is aimed at shoppers who are looking for gifts.

Nutellino Christmas Trio

Pack size: 3x90g

RRP: £3.20

Offering three small Christmas-themed packs of Nutella, Nutellino Christmas Trio is targeting the token gift market. ­­

Thorntons Cheeky Elf Advent Calendar

Pack size: 130g

RRP: £5

As well as the new impulse line, Thorntons Cheeky Elf character will also benefit from its own Advent Calendar, which is designed like a book and tell the story of the character.

Ferrero Collection Advent Calendar

Pack size: 271g

RRP: £14

Offering Ferrero Rocher, Raffaello and dark chocolate Rondnoir, Ferrero Collection Advent Calendar marks the company’s most expensive calendar.

Redesigned and revamped

Thorntons Snowflake Collection, 160g, RRP £5.38, will offer two new flavours, Salted Caramel Snowflake and Burnt Sugar Snowflake.

Thorntons Mint Collection, 232g, RRP £6, will benefit from a new, more modern pack design. The brand is also revamping its Continental Calendar, 311g, RRP £11, which contains 25 days of Thorntons chocolate, with a Viennese bar added in for the final day.

Thorntons is also revamping its Jolly Reindeer novelty line with a new design and new name – Cheeky Reindeer.

Nutella is bringing back its Christmas designs on its 200g, 400g, 750g and 1kg jars, RRP £1.75, £2.89,  £4.83 and £5.61 respectively.

Kinder Surprise 100g eggs will return this year, containing polar bear toys, while Kinder Joy will be back this Christmas with new festive designs. The brand will also refresh its 135g advent calendar, RRP £5.38.

Kinder Mix Hexagon has been redesigned with new ‘fun’ designs while at 37g, Kinder & Love packs have been launched to target stocking fillers. It can also be turned into a tree decoration.

Thorntons Classic Collection is also undergoing a range revamp from September, which will play a key role at Christmas but will be available beyond th seasonal period. Available in three pack sizes, 150g, 262g and 449g, RRP £4, £6.50, £10, respectively. The range also now contains top 10 most popular chocolates flavours, with Stawberries & Cream, Dark butterscotch and Triple Chocolate replacing products such as Turkish Delight.