Not everyone has the opportunity to travel and do their bit for fundraising abroad, but you have to hand it to Rav Garcha. The Shrewsbury retailer was due to land back on UK soil this week after a stint helping install water pumps and visiting orphanages in Haiti.

He has called on his supplier contacts to help out and Cadbury have donated bicycles to be raffled off for the charity Khalsa Aid, which is coordinating efforts on the disaster struck island nation. Meanwhile his customers have also donated what they can to help raise cash.
bR is looking forward to catching up with the Nisa man to hear how his visit went, what the situation is like in Haiti two years after the earthquake struck, and also what he learned from the experience.

But making the world a better place can mean lots of different things – it can be doing something abroad or in your own back yard. So many of the best retailers I have met in the last year are always thinking of things they can do to make people’s lives a little bit easier – from sponsoring youth football teams and funding vital community bus services to offering a simple collection service for customers who are out during the day.

As always, it’s important not just to get involved and help the community, but to tell people what you have been doing to help and what a difference it’s made. Although small shops might not have the marketing might of big players like Tesco and Sainsbury’s, there are always other avenues. So next time you do something fantastic why not ask your local newspaper to write about it, make a poster to put up in your shop showcasing what you have done, and simply tell your customers about it. Most important of all, remember that enthusiasm is infectious.