chick_eggshellLast week I went to the launch of a leading confectionery brand’s 2010 Spring confectionery offering. At a time when Halloween hasn’t yet hit us, and Christmas is merely in the planning stages, it was a timely reminder that there is no substitute for preparedness.

Certain retailers know that they will have to make space and prepare for busy periods or specific ranges – those in the vicinity of major sporting events, or those who have customers celebrating religious festivals – but all retailers need to ensure that they are ready to cope with the seasonal shifts that everyone experiences. Be it Halloween, Christmas, Easter or simply the Summer season, those who’ve been in the business for a number of years will also have their pre-drawn battleplans for these major events drawn up.

So, although being told about company plans and new launches for next April in the middle of October seems somewhat strange, it gives retailers the chance to think about how they can perfect that on-shelf switch from the Christmas range seamlessly into the Spring and Easter period. If the big companies are keen to promote their ranges to you now, then it’s important to use the knowledge you’ve been given.

As my mother used to say to me as she’d try to get me to pack my suitcase in the run-up to our holidays – it’s never too early to start getting prepared.