EAS10-06This week I’ve been inundated with information about next year’s spring and Easter and products that will be on shelves once the Christmas rush has been and gone.

The one thing that has been consistent from the three main confectionery companies is that they’re all launching products to stock on your counter-top. The difficulty comes, however, when you look at the number of products that you’re being advised to stock on your counter.

With Easter impulse products from Nestlé, Cadbury and Mars all fighting for space, it’s not an easy decision – especially not when coupled with Energy Shots from Lucozade, Relentless and Red Bull (among many, many others), not to mentioned the Chupa Chups display you may already have, or the chewing gum stand.

How do you make your choice about the products you have on the counter? Especially for a season like Easter, how do you decide which of the three main chocolate companies is going to get your valuable space for that short period, if any of them? Is it tried-and-tested products like the Cadbury Creme Egg – or can you afford to take the chance with new variations on popular products such as the Nestlé Kit Kat Bunny or the Malteaster Bunny?

It’s an interesting choice, and I’m looking forward to seeing the results next year.