A national shortage of Cadbury 99 Flakes has been reported due to an unexpected surge in sales following the UK’s lifting of lockdown restrictions.

Cadbury owner Mondelez has claimed the classic ice cream topper is in limited supply, despite the recent rainy weather seen up and down the country.

Confectionery wholesaler Hancocks is encouraging its customers to look for alternative ice cream toppings to satisfy summer demand.

Hancocks adds to novelty sweet range

Chris Smith, marketing communications manager at Hancocks, said: “Ice cream has come a long way over recent years and customers are always keen to try new flavours, different cones and interesting toppings.

“Biscoff is a massive flavour that everyone is loving and talking about. Another is the chocolate orange flavour combination, which is delicious and would work so well with ice cream.

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“A few unusual choices could also work like a popping candy topping – that could be a popular choice with young ice cream and retro candy lovers.”

Flakes are manufactured in two locations, one near Cairo and another close to Dublin, but not enough are reaching the UK to meet demand.

It is not known how long the shortage will last, although Mondelez said in a statement: “The product is still available to order and we’re continuing to work closely with our customers.”

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