Anti-obesity campaigners have turned their attention to sharing bags, calling for an end to price promotions and a sugar tax on all confectionery.

The Action on Sugar charity is behind the new calls and research, which are once again targeting retailers.

Its research targeted almost 100 different sharing bags and found that they contain almost 30 teaspoons of sugar.

Twenty-nine teaspoons of sugar is four times an adult’s recommended daily intake of sugar. Researchers warned that deals, particularly £1 promotions, are partly to blame for their popularity.

Kawther Hashem, researcher and registered nutritionist Action on Sugar, said: “These types of price promotions encourage us to eat far too much sugar and calories and should be banned. It is time retailers are pressed to act responsibly and no longer profit at the expense of our health.”

Janette Tucker of Lifestyle Express, Winscome, Somerset, said: “We do very well with sharing bags, we have a stand and racking and they’re price-marked at £1.

“If the Government wants to do it, they’ll go ahead and do it but if people want them, they’ll still buy them. If a £1 bag goes up to something like £1.25, it won’t make a difference.”