Kepak Convenience Foods is hoping to accelerate the growth of the UK’s microwavable snacking market with a new campaign.

Dubbed Rustlers Super 6, the project promotes its top-selling products, all price-marked at £1.99.

Already among the top-performing products in the chilled foods sector, the range includes the Rustlers Quarter Pounder, BBQ Rib, Chicken Sub, Deluxe Burger with Bacon & Cheese, Tikka Chicken Naan and Chicken Sandwich.

The initiative aims to provide a clear message for retailers to help them increase sales on their bestsellers.

Rustlers estimates that retailers who already stock the products could increase sales by as much as 20%. For the three-quarters of convenience retailers who don’t stock any microwavable snacks, this would add a new profit line.

John Armstrong, marketing director at Kepak Convenience Foods, said: “The key to retailers maximising sales from the chiller is to stock the competitively priced products shoppers are looking for – and micro-snacks are no exception”.

Retailers will be able to buy the range in cases of four, for optimum fixture management.