Bhavesh Parekh, Kwiksave, Bolton, Lancashire, B&G Food

Products: sausages (£1 to £2.50) 


Where did you discover them?
Our local butcher recommended the brand to us, and we have been selling them with exclusive rights in our postal area now for more than seven years. 

Although we also sell Spar’s own brand sausages the local brand is the most popular. 

Who buys them?
People of all age groups buy them and they’re mostly bought with bread and eggs for breakfast. I would say women buy them more than men. 

We give the sausages one-and-a-half metres of shelf space. We sell six varieties, with pork and leek being the most popular. We sell around 80 packs a week. 

Why are they so successful?
The sausages are natural, containing no artificial ingredients, so people are more inclined to buy them. 

Also, as more people become concerned about their carbon footprint and the environment, they want to buy local produce.