KeyStore retailers that received funding from the Scottish government’s Retailer Food to Go Grant increased their 2018 annual sales by up to 15%, after receiving an average of £2,916 each.

The £250,000 grant distributed in partnership with the Scottish Grocers Federation (SGF) last year was designed to help independent retailers improve their food to go range with new equipment, such as cabinets and ovens. Successful applicants were awarded the grant on a 50% match-fund basis, which was capped at £7,500. 

KeyStore retail sales director Craig Brown told RN that 14% of the grant was distributed to 12 of the symbol group’s 186 retailers. “These retailers saw their yearly sales grow annually by up to 15% as a result of the Retailer Food to Go Grant,” he said.

“Food to go is a major trend and these stores received help to fund machines and counters to boost this category. For example, they bought ovens similar to those used by major chains such as Costa Coffee and Starbucks that are able to heat up sandwiches and pasties in one minute, on average.”

The symbol group’s business development managers worked closely with the successful retailers to examine their customer needs and help them complete their applications for the grant. 

The retailers were also given training and education during the application process by dairy supplier Fife Creamery on how to manage and improve their food-to-go wastage levels. 

“We held a roadshow with Fife Creamery at the end of last year to tell retailers how they can make the most of the latest trends, and there will be similar events organised throughout this year.”

The support comes as the Scottish government and SGF announced the grant would be continued this year at an increased value of £300,000. 

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