New Blakemore Wholesale sales director Raj Krishan has called on the industry to ‘up its game’ on fresh and food to go in response to the increasing challenge from discounters.

The fresh and food-to-go sectors have both seen growth over the past few years, with food-to-go growing 6.8% this year, according to IGD research. But Raj Krishan said he feels the convenience sector can do a lot more.

“Fresh and food to go is not new, it’s been a big thing for the past 10 years,” Mr Krishan told RN. “Some convenience stores do it well, but others pay lip service and see it as too hard.

“The challenge for the industry is to do it well and have offers customers can buy into.

“Out of 10, I’d say the industry is currently at a five. There needs to be a better depth of fresh and good consumer price points. There’s a lot of competition, discounters are getting more convenient and everyone needs to make sure they are competitive.”