Independent retailers have hailed the cooked meats added to Booker’s Discover the Choice range as an effective way to compete with rival symbols.

Six sliced meat variants, including turkey, ham and corned beef, have been added to the range, which initially only consisted of microwave meals and pizzas. RRP is £1.19 for a pack of five or £2 for two packs. 

Linda Williams, of Premier Oxgangs in Edin-burgh, said she has sold 24 packs a week since she started stocking them at the end of last year. 

“They’re definitely a popular seller. It’s good to have a range of own-brand sliced meats to compete with rivals like Nisa, Costcutter and Spar.

“They’re good quality, and customers can tell, which is why the products are popular.”

Seann Sykes, of Denmore Premier Food & Wine Store in Rhyl, added: “They’ve definitely been a popular purchase among customers since they went on sale. They’re all very good quality and it’s a way to help us compete in the market.”