Fine food distributor RH Amar has unveiled a new look and products for its Crespo brand, in a bid to grow sales in the £35m ambient olive category. 

The design will roll out across the brand’s jars and Les Olives du Marché pouched snacking range and includes clearer logos and imagery. 

The brand is also launching two new 150g sharing pouches, Dry Black Olives and Tomato, Cumin & Parsley Green Olives, RRP £1.99.

Sam Higgins, Crespo senior brand manager at RH Amar, said there was headroom for growth as shoppers want to have a “more emotional connection” with the ambient olives fixture.

“Shoppers often find the fixture dull and uninspiring, largely because of the proliferation of own-label products, which account for more than 66% of sales,” he said.