Convenience retailers can get a cut of an estimated £88m category growth, with United Biscuit’s new ‘Better biscuits, best sellers’ category initiative.

The initiative focusses on increasing availability and visibility of the bestselling biscuits in the convenience channel. If all independents and symbol stores stocked the 50 bestsellers in the category, it would grow the category up to £88m in five years.

Products like McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes and Cadbury Dairy Milk Fingers are identified as the fourth and fifth bestselling biscuit line, but are only stocked in 70% and 29% of convenience stores respectively.

United Biscuits has relaunched its trade website to include the advice and the company will call on 9,000 convenience stores to offer fixture relays.

UB has also launched its first annual Biscuits Review, which outlines that the £2.5bn biscuits category has potential to double during the next five years.

The report also found that sweet biscuits account for 80% of the category, with savoury at 20%, despite savoury growing by 5%.

It also found private label products account for almost 28% of biscuit sales, up 3% from last year.