Pladis had reduced the sugar in nine of its core McVitie’s biscuits range by up to 10%.  

McVitie’s Original Digestives, Rich Tea, Milk and Dark Chocolate Digestives, Original and Chocolate Hobnobs, Caramel Digestives, and Ginger Nuts are the products that have undergone a recipe change.

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The supplier said the changes to the McVitie’s biscuits range comes amid ‘years of nutritional improvements by Pladis across its product range’ in order to help people achieve healthier lifestyles.

McVitie’s Original Digestives was the first product to hit the shelves with the new sugar amount, with 9% less sugar and 5% less salt.

McVitie’s Rich Tea biscuits now contain just 18.5g, and McVitie’s Original Hobnobs contain 22.9g of sugar. Milk Chocolate Digestives contain 28.5g of sugar, with dark reduced down to 26.6g of sugar.

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David Murray, managing director of Pladis UK & Ireland, said: “By testing our new lower-sugar biscuits with hundreds of consumers to ensure they cannot tell the difference, and by implementing a process of careful rebalancing of ingredients, we have reduced sugar and salt while maintaining the taste.”