Mo Razzaq of Family Shopper in Blantyre, South Lanarkshire, has launched a ‘Pay it Forward’ scheme to help those less fortunate in his local area.

Customers to the Subway franchise in his store are asked whether they wish to donate a Subway meal for the needy when buying their own.

“We’re working with homeless ex-forces charity Soldiers of the Street (SOTS) and Hamilton Food Bank,” Razzaq said.

“With SOTS, we’ll go out and give fresh Subway meals to them, and with Hamilton Food Bank we have a coupon scheme for people to come in and collect their meal.”

Mo Razzaq has set up a charitable scheme for customers to buy a meal for somebody less fortunate. What innovative charitable schemes are you working on?

“I’m looking at doing something with GroceryAid or one of the NFRN fundraisers. I think it’s best to try and do one big thing each year rather than asking all year round as money is tight for customers. I helped a shopkeeper in Hertfordshire as she was struggling with her shop recently and I would like to do more of that.”
Julie Duhra, Premier Jules Convenience Store, Telford, Shropshire

“We’ve held a couple of village hall fundraisers here this month. Beyond that, we’re sponsoring a London Marathon runner; we have collection boxes at the counter for a local church; and on Shrove Tuesday, we helped out with a pancake-eating contest for a local charity. We always have something going on.”
Paul Mather, Sherston Post Office Stores, Sherston, Wiltshire

“When the 5p bag charge came in, we decided to implement it and use the money for a good cause. We’ve set up a lunch for pensioners in the area every Friday afternoon at the local community centre. It is about 55-60% paid for by the money we receive from the bag charge and the remainder we pay for.”
Rajesh Nayi, Broadfield Newsagents & Post Office, Crawley, West Sussex