McVitie’s Cake Company (MCC) is aiming to scare up seasonal sales for local shops with its annual product line-up for Halloween and Bonfire Night.

This autumn sees the return of two limited edition Jaffa Cake variants – Spooky Cake Bars and Lemon & Lime Cake Bars – at a promotional price of £1. Both products feature a combination of chocolate and sponge with either an orange or lemon and lime flavoured centre.

MCC is encouraging retailers to stock up from early September, after spending from last Halloween grew by 8% to more than £315m, with cake products accounting for £30m.

Meanwhile, the manufacturer has unveiled new designs and imagery on packs of its Tate & Lyle Bonfire Toffee Cake and Tate & Lyle Sticky Toffee Apple Cake, also on sale from September (RRP £1). MCC claimed the two lines led to 75% sales growth for Tate & Lyle cakes following their launch last year.

Karl Bollon, customer marketing and insights manager at MCC, said: “Halloween and Bonfire Night remain key opportunities for cake.

“In order to make the most of seasonal sales, we recommend that retailers stock the full range of limited edition Halloween and Bonfire Night products and take the time to create seasonal displays and in-store theatre to disrupt customers shopping on auto-pilot.”