Focus: Flavoured gins

Flavoured gins are this year’s must-stock alcohol products – here are our top picks this week

Bloom Gin 

Bloom Jasmine & Rose Gin is premium with a 40% ABV. It has a sweet and floral taste and is designed to give an upmarket look to retailers’ alcohol offering.

RRP £27


McQueen Gin 

McQueen Gin is a small-batch spirit, with the range available in six different options: Super Premium Dry, Sweet Citrus, Smokey Chilli, Spiced Chocolate Orange, Chocolate Mint and Mocha.

RRP £35 (McQueen Gin Super Premium Dry Gin 50cl)


Mallow & Marsh bar

Mallow & Marsh’s handmade Peanut Marshmallow Bar appeals to shoppers looking for a sweet alternative that offers something different to ordinary chocolate bars.

RRP £1.75


Dexters sweets 

Dexters’ £1 pricemarked confectionery range is available in vertical units that can be stood up directly on shelves, or allow retailers to hang the bags on hooks, helping save space in-store.

RRP £1


Deliciously Ella Apricot & Coconut bar

Deliciously Ella’s snack bars can be cross-merchandised alongside lunchtime options and as part of meal deals. They are packed with fruit, oats and fibre, and are vegan and gluten-free.

RRP £1.19


Meridian Peanut & Baobab bar 

Meridian’s Peanut & Baobab bar is made with 61% peanuts and coconut, and can help increase retailers’ range of healthy bars as more shoppers opt to buy protein foods.

RRP £1.19


Thomas Fudge’s flatbreads

Thomas Fudge’s new range of flatbreads – including Cheddar & Shallot, Chickpea & Sesame and Tomato & Red Chilli – capitalises on the increasing demand for premium bakery products.  

RRP £1.89 (140g)


Yushoi Barbecue Baked Lentil Snacks 

Yushoi’s Barbecue Baked Lentil Snacks are made from 72% lentils and are suitable for vegetarians. The snacks contain 91 calories per portion and are baked rather than fried. 

RRP 75p