Sowan’s Date & Chia Seed Mix has been designed to liven up traditional muffins, cakes or pastries. The 370g bags from the Irish company contain no added sugar.

RRP £2.99


Ridgeway Brewery

Ridgeway Brewery’s IPA is its best-selling product. The 500ml bottles come with a 5.5% ABV and have been designed to bring out the flavours of the hops it has been brewed with.   

RRP £2.29


Farmhouse Biscuits

Farmhouse Biscuits’ 150g boxes of Red Velvet Crunch have been designed as a gift for any party or occasion. Each shortbread biscuit has chunks of white chocolate inside it.

RRP £2.50



Panda has been specialising in liquorice snacks since 1927. Each bar in its Liquorice Softie range includes only four ingredients and has been designed to be softer than rival products.

RRP £1.99



Escuminac’s 200ml bottles of maplesyrup have been sourced from Canada. They can be used to add flavour to savoury dishes as well as to drizzle over pancakes.

RRP £10.50


Simply Delicious Cake Co

The latest addition to Simply Delicious Cake Co’s range is its Gluten-Free Fruit Cake. The 1lb loaf is made with rice flour, apple, dates, mixed spice and orange zest.

RRP £1.50



Snackgold specialises in crisps which use ingredients from Spain. Options include Black Truffle, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Himalayan Pink Salt, Raspberry, Caviar and Iberian Ham.

RRP £4.50


Look What We Found

Look What We Found’s range of beef chilli con carne pouches have been slow cooked and use only natural ingredients which are all sourced from British farms.

RRP £1.69