Walkers Max Strong flavours aim to help retailers drive beer sales.

The three new flavours have been developed with beer drinkers in mind. Chilli & Lime, Hot Chicken Wings and Jalapeño & Cheese are available in sharing bags and singles.

Jalapeño & Cheese is available in a clip strip bag option, which can sit within the drinks aisle.

Retailer Chaz Chahal said: “New products like this are always welcome, certainly in the short term. They come in with a decent promotional price and it excites consumers.

“Strong and full flavours are growing, KP has been pushing this too and I think Walkers will tap into this market.”

Savoury snacks are only consumed with beer 15% of the time, and only half of these times are crisps, presenting opportunity for growth. 

Rachel Holms, Walkers senior marketing director, said: “We are seeing an increase in social occasions, and while savoury snacks are paying an increasingly important role, there is no mainstream snack for this occasion.

“We saw this as an untapped opportunity in the market.”

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