The Welsh Assembly has invited retailers to provide their views on minimum unit pricing (MUP) at a government sub-committee meeting later this year.  

The meeting, due to take place on 6 November, will be attended by national president Mike Mitchelson, NFRN public affairs and charity and campaign group Alcohol Concern

District president Mark Dudden, said it is crucial for the new sub-committee, which was created last month, to consult with retailers ahead of the meeting. 

"It is so important for us to speak to retailers who sell alcohol in the area, so we can find out what the best outcome would be for us all," he said. "We are engaging with the Welsh Assembly on this more. We think we have got our foot in the door."

Mr Dudden hopes the meeting resolves any concerns over the negative impact of MUP. 

"The government said MUP will help independent retailers to compete more, deep down I'm worried this isn't going to be the case," he added. 

The news comes after the Welsh government approved a bill making it illegal to sell alcohol for less than 50p per unit in June. 

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