Thatchers Cider has launched two new flavours of apple cider – Thatchers Red and Thatchers Somerset Haze.

Thatchers Red, 4% ABV, is aimed at 18-24 year olds who have been introduced to cider through fruit and flavoured drinks. It is available in 500ml and 330ml bottles with a can planned for the future.

Thatchers Somerset Haze, 4.5% ABV, is a premium cloudy cider that has a slightly older target audience of 18-34 year olds. It is available in 500ml bottles and 440ml cans. The launches are backed by PoS, including free-standing display units, as well as a sampling campaign.

Alongside the new products, Thatchers has redesigned its Old Rascal variant, changing the colour scheme and giving it a more modern look.

Mark Thatcher, managing director of Thatchers, said there are many people out there who want a cider that is easy to drink but are not quite ready for traditional cider.

“With these products we’re trying to provide a stepping stone for people who were attracted to the category by fruit ciders, but want to now move to something more classic,” he added.