Retailers are being encouraged to take advantage of Tesco’s continuing brand cull as the multiple announced it is removing almost all Carlsberg products from its stores.

Only four-packs of Carlsberg beers remain and will only be available from 200 stores.

A spokesman for Carlsberg said: “We are aware of consumer disappointment on social media to Tesco’s decision to reduce the number of Carlsberg brand products in their range. We’re confident that our recent investment in the Carlsberg brand makes it attractive to consumers and retailers.”

The brand is backed by a marketing campaign next year to support its Premier League, England team and UEFA Euro 2016 sponsorships.

With Carlsberg UK having a 20.1% value share in impulse, Ken Parsons, chief executive of the Rural Shops Alliance, said it offered convenience stores a big opportunity.

“If I were running a convenience store close to a Tesco I’d have a big Gondola end of Carlsberg and promote it at the same price. Retailers can also promote that they have it in store on social media to attract wider shoppers,” he told Retail Express.

Carlsberg is the latest brand to be given the chop by Tesco, which has also removed Ribena, Capri-Sun, Rubicon and Kingsmill from its shelves this year.