Smirnoff is looking to capitalise on the popularity of pre-mixed products with the launch of new can designs and the addition of two cocktail flavours to the range.

Smirnoff Cosmopolitan and Moscow Mule will hit the shelves alongside existing Diageo premix products including Gordon’s & Tonic, Gordon’s & Slimline and Captain & Cola, all of which will feature the new can design. All core products are available with a two-for-£3 price mark.

The reinvigorated range is designed to capitalise on figures which show 78% of shoppers who buy pre-mix products go on to buy the spirit brand.

Julie Branham, marketing director for Smirnoff Western Europe, said: “Shoppers want new, simple, hassle-free drinks which taste great, so we have delivered this in the form of our two new pre-mix variants.”

She said the redesigned cans will signpost key brands to shoppers and make it easier and clearer for them to find their favourite pre-mix products. “We want to make consumers aware that it’s still their favourite product but with an eye-catching new design,” she added.

Redesign of further Diageo products will be rolled out throughout 2015.