With the Rugby World Cup about to start, Tan Parsons looks at what opportunities are available for retailers to take advantage of, and which World Cup nation has the best beer!

rugby beer Watch Part 2 of the group stages

In the last six months I have spoken to innovative retailers and wholesalers who offer craft beer and speciality lager to give their alcohol range a point of difference.

I’ve met some brilliant alcohol wholesalers – the likes of Libra Drinks in Nottingham, Wilds Premier Drinks Distributor in Oldham and not least Spar wholesaler A F Blakemore. In addition to offering staples like Fosters and Carling, they give their customers the choice to buy drinks that are not available elsewhere in the local area, or that have a great story as well as a great taste.

This means their customers have an extra way to appeal to shoppers coming into their stores and to patrons coming into their bars. In short, offering something different creates excitement.

Over the course of September and October the Rugby World Cup is being played out in venues across England. Inspired by the rugby – a sport that traditionally has a great social scene and a long-standing partnership with beer – we decided to hold our own ‘Beer World Cup’.

Along with Stefan Appleby of Retail Express and Retail Newsagent’s Chris Gamm and Tom GK, we sourced, as far as possible, a beer from every country taking part in the tournament to find out which nation has the greatest beverages.

As a project it’s light-hearted and fun, but there is a serious point here too; how can we make best use of seasonal and sporting events to inspire businesses to grow their sales – in this case by showcasing beers from different nations.

The most innovative wholesalers and retailers have been inspiring their customers with suggestions and theatre – are you running any promotions around the Rugby World Cup? In any case, do take a look at the videos – and let us know if the right beers have gone through to the quarterfinals!

Watch the group stages today and stay tuned for the Quarter Finals!

rugby beer

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