Retailers can benefit from increased beer sales by cross-merchandising premium varieties with food and including it in evening meal deals.

Paul Morris, brand activation and sponsorship manager at Carlsberg, said retailers can increase basket spend by cross-merchandising beer with food, similar to food and wine pairings.

“Even the big multiples aren’t taking advantage of cross-merchandising beer with food,” he said. “There is definitely room for independents to capitalise on this and set an example, while offering shoppers something that isn’t widely available.”

He also recommended retailers give shelf space to premium brands that are investing in promotions and competitions surrounding festivals this season, such as Carlsberg Export’s partnership with Rize festival, as this helps attract younger shoppers to the brands.

“Carlsberg has a 12-week promotion for a lucky winner and five friends to go to a festival of their choice, alongside Academy gigs,” he said.

The promotion is running in 21,000 stores and on six million packs.

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