Retailers are tapping into key alcohol trends and gearing up for another busy summer for prosecco sales.

Last year, prosecco sales grew at a faster rate than champagne, with the UK now one of the few countries where sales of prosecco outstrip those of champagne.

And retailers are seeing no sign of demand slipping as summer arrives. “It’s been getting bigger and bigger for the past few years and we’ve increased our range,” said Kay Patel of Global Food & Wine in Stratford, east London.

“You need to do your research, you need to know there’s a difference between frizzante and spumante. There’s no point in having five different spumantes, you need a range with different types and three or four different prices.”

Another trend for this summer is frozen bellinis, an item that Wiltshire retailer Paul Mather is keen to stock at his Sherston Store and Post Office.

“We’re going to try those this year. The only problem is making sure the kids don’t pick them up, but we’re going to advertise them next to mixers on the shelves,” he said.