Independent alcohol producer Budge Brands will be releasing its rebranded Premier Estates Wine Discovery range next year, exclusively to independent retailers.

For the past 12 months, Budge Brands has been working with retailers on the redesigns. The range now includes New World wines from Australia, California, Chile and South Africa in vibrantly designed, clearly labelled bottles.

Budge Brands stockists

Booker, Nisa, Costcutter, Best One, P&H, Landmark, Blakemore

The company said the new designs are purposefully simple to make wine purchasing less complicated for shoppers.

Budge Dhariwal, founder and managing director of Premier Estates Wine, used to be an independent retailer. He said Budge Brands sold exclusively to independents, so its wines would never be found in any of the multiple grocers.

In addition to the Discovery range, Premier Estates Wine produces a Classic range of wines from Spain and Italy, as well as its Collection range. It also sells several sparkling wines such as Prosecco Extra Dry, Grande Rosé Spumante and Cava Brut.