Wholesaler JW Filshill has unveiled plans to drive footfall in convenience stores through an online craft beer subscription service.

The platform, named flavourly.com, will sell premium craft alcohol via interaction with convenience retailers who direct customers to the site, managing director Simon Hannah announced at the Better Wholesaling Summit last week.

“We know our retailers have space restrictions but they and their customers have an interest in craft beers and spirits.

“Retailers will recommend their customers go to flavourly.com and will hand them a discount voucher which will tag shoppers to specific stores,” said Mr Hannah.

Filshill will share the margin from any sale with retailers and share data about which products a particular store’s customers are buying.

“This gives retailers a clear range of information that will allow them to make serious decisions about which products to stock,” said Mr Hannah, adding any order will be delivered direct or via the retailer within 24 hours throughout the UK.

Flavourly.com was launched in 2014 as a craft beer and spirit subscription service and was bought by Filshill, alongside two other investors, in 2016.