Nearly one in four Scottish retailers said their stores are not ready for minimum unit pricing (MUP) legislation that comes into effect on 1 May.

Despite the knowledge gap in some stores, the research by Him! also shows that 70% of stores are changing their alcohol ranging in preparation for MUP.

Scottish retailers told Retail Express that this included delisting lines in heavily-affected categories such as white cider and high-strength lager. Price-marked packs that advertise a price that is not MUP-compliant are also affected.

After 30 April, all alcohol sold in Scotland must be sold for at least 50p per unit of alcohol in the product.

Multiple organisations have provided guidance for retailers in the run-up to MUP. Retail Express built the first MUP store sales calculator to help Scottish shopkeepers measure the impact on their store.

Scotland-based wholesaler Filshill said: “We have been providing information to KeyStore retailers every three weeks through our promotional guidelines since February and have sent out an information sheet to all our customers.”

The Scottish Government also published guidance for retailers, which is available here.

The NFRN is updating a live blog, which includes all the latest advice and information. It can be accessed here.

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