Minimum unit pricing (MUP) proposed at 50p on alcohol in Scotland will cause the price of one retailer’s best-selling alcoholic beverage to increase by 101%. 

Earlier this week the Scottish government confirmed it will set the MUP for alcohol at 50p after a public consultation saw 74% of respondents support the planned cost. 

The legislation, which will now go before the Scottish Parliament, will be introduced officially on 1 May.

The new law means once-inexpensive drinks with a high ABV per unit will face steep price increases. This includes Aston Manor Cider’s 3l Frosty Jack’s, which will jump from around £4.49 to a minimum of £11.25.

Ferhan Ashiq, of Day-Today Ashiqs in East Lothian, said 27% of total sales come from his top 10 alcohol lines and 49% of this accounts for total volume sales. 

“The legislation might give retailers better margins on cheap alcohol, but it also may decrease the volume of alcohol sales due to increased prices. 

“My number one bestseller in alcohol is HCC Black Cider which will increase from 99p to £1.99, and my fourth bestseller Strongbow Original Cider 12-pack will rise from £3.49 to £5,” he said.