Malibu is helping retailers create their own summer by giving them the opportunity to have a free fridge dispenser for its cans of pre-mix.

Displaying the ‘add some sunshine’ strapline, the dispensers hold 18 pre-mix Malibu cans.

The brand is also set to launch a redesign for its Malibu & Cloud Lemonade can in mid-July to bring it in-line with the rest of the range.

£700k – value of Malibu Cans within impulse

The chilled unit taps into the needs of the typical customer, said Malibu marketing manager Joanna Alexander.

“Malibu cans are bought more by younger people. We find the Malibu shopper is a convenience shopper. They tend not to have time to cook or don’t like cooking and prefer ready meals because they are more convenient,” she added.