Carlsberg has unveiled new Carlsberg Danish Pilsner, which will be supported by a multi-million pound investment.

Carlsberg Danish Pilsner has an ABV of 3.8%, with citrus and floral hop flavours.

It will be available to retailers in small, medium and large snap pack formats, and a digital campaign to support the launch will premier in April and run throughout the rest of the year. 

Liam Newton, vice president marketing at Carlsberg, said: “In recent years, we have refreshed our premium Carlsberg Expørt and we’re now committed to enhancing every aspect of Carlsberg Danish Pilsner, ultimately encouraging beer drinkers to re-appraise our brand.”

Bhavya Mandanna, master brewer at Carlsberg, added: “Initial research indicates that Carlsberg’s new Danish Pilsner has driven a significant shift in perceptions, with 68% of UK lager drinkers suggesting they prefer the taste of Carlsberg Pilsner over the current UK number one mainstream lager. Preference for Pilsner was most significant amongst younger and more affluent consumers.”

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