Lindeman’s is ramping up its investment in the UK with the launch of ‘It’s The Sunshine That Makes It’.

The ten-week digital campaign will raise consumer awareness and help retailers drive sales of branded wine this summer.

The videos will be exclusively shown on internet sites such as Channel 4, Yahoo!, Virgin Media and The Daily Telegraph. ‘It’s The Sunshine That Makes It’ will reach 4.5 million of Lindeman’s target audience: 30-50 year old women.

Shaun Heyes, head of customer marketing at Treasury Wine Estates, said: “Our summer campaign is in response to research which has shown us that these online platforms resonate and engage the most effectively with our target consumer, who are active and influenced when online.

“We’d therefore recommend that retailers get stocked up on our popular range of Lindeman’s Bins to make the most of the increased levels of awareness and the growth in £6-8 priced wines.”

Lindeman’s has seen 16% year-on-year growth.