Bargain Booze has identified world beer, premium and craft beer as three of the biggest areas in alcohol that retailers should invest in.

The franchise’s new range was unveiled at brand-owner Conviviality Retail’s Drinks At Home event earlier this month.

Russ Dymond, beer and cider buyer at Conviviality Retail, said Bargain Booze is helping retailers identify the top sellers in these areas and working out why they sell well.

“Brewdog is a great example. We used to only list its Punk IPA, now we stock four of its drinks. We’re now able to use that as a flagship brand so retailers know that if Brewdog is craft, then brands like it are craft, so they learn more about the category,” he told Retail Express.

Premium spirits is another area that Bargain Booze is aiming to drive sales in.

Joshua Hetherington, spirits buyer at Conviviality Retail, said that during the next promotion period, Bargain Booze is introducing a new price ladder to help shoppers understand the different qualities and trade up easier.

“We’ve introduced more Ciroc flavours, miniatures and things like Bong Vodka. Everyone will have Smirnoff, but there won’t be many that have Bong.

“Fractionals is an area in a lot of growth, but premium brands tend to not sell as well there. This is because premium shoppers tend to have more confidence in what they’re buying, so go for a larger format,” he added.