Diageo has unveiled a new initiative to help convenience retailers make £9,000 a year more from their alcohol sales.

‘Inspire, display, sell’ Is an extension of the company’s My Store Matters programme. It will give guidance under the three areas to help increase the sector’s sales by £455m in three years.

Ninety percent of households buy alcohol but only one in three buy it in convenience stores.

Diageo claims this is because shoppers either do not have alcohol on their mind while in store, they are unable to find what they want, or they can get better value elsewhere.

The company is aiming to get alcohol in 1% more baskets and get 10% of shoppers spending 10% more to reach the £9,000 a year goal.

The initiative breaks the three areas into bronze, silver and gold so retailers can assess the areas they need to improve.

  Bronze Silver Gold
Inspire Stock the core range as this can increase sales by 64%.
Stock 20cl and 35cl formats as these appeal more to convenience shoppers.
Promote key calendar and sporting events on shelf. Use cross-category promotions with meals and snacks.
Add window or outdoor displays to bring shoppers in from outside.
Display Block sub-categories such as vodka, gin and rum together.
Stock beers, ciders and premix in the chiller.
Have premium products on the top shelf and bestsellers at eye level.
Use shelf strips and signs to highlight the sub-categories. This can be done by colour coding, vodka is red, gin is green etc. Add a secondary location, using clip strips if space is at a premium.
Sell Stock price-marked packs as these sell twice as fast as standard packs. Use off-shelf space to increase impulse purchasing. Train your staff to talk about the benefits of the different products so they can upsell.

Here’s a look at some of the ideas inside Diageo’s Customer Collaboration Centre: